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  • How much is your design fee?
    Our design is just not per sqm. It's also space planning, procurement, project management, specification of finish, etc. We normally give two (2) options to our clients - one that's within client's budget and the other is what we would think the client would like. ​ or we may also consider fee depends on these 4 factors: PROJECT TYPE / SCOPE OF WORK - Would you need a full service interior design or an interior styling service?​ PROJECT LOCATION - Is the project in Metro Manila? North or South?​ PROJECT TIMELINE - Are you in a rush to finish the project? If yes, I need to double our resources, which means I need extra help and I might hire necessary suppliers to expedite the work.​. ​ If you only have hand-drawn plans or a rough sketch, design ideas or pegs with several reference images, that’s workable as well. Once complete please refer on this form to request a quote.
  • How much per sqm?
    Our Professional fee is not really fixed. A basic fee for a basic design would be per room or arrangement. The more complicated the design and space planning, the higher the fee would go. ​ Production of detailed design documents can be included in consultation service upon client's request, subject to additional fees. Client must be able to provide the dimensions of areas needed for these plans: Detailed Floor Plan and Furniture Layout with Dimensions and Specifications Detailed Cabinetry Plan with Dimensions and Specifications Digital-Rendered Interior Perspectives PLEASE NOTE We cannot provide a cost estimate of the entire project yet without an approved design. We can only provide you a quotation for our professional fee so we can start producing the designs. Total project cost will depend on the final design and scope of work, your chosen contractor and suppliers, and approved furnishings, materials, and finishes.
  • What kind of design?
    Think About What You Like!!! You may not know the names of any styles or have a clue what a sideboard is, and that’s OK. Flipping through magazines and cruising design websites can provide an idea of what you like and dislike. Feel free to bring any fabric samples, pictures, or other inspirations to our meeting. ​ We may present rough furniture layouts and sketches, mood boards, photos of furniture and décor, or any visual aid that would help me explain our design recommendations during the consultation. We will send a copy of these materials after the meeting. Take a look at some of our sample projects here.
  • Do I owned the design?
    We own our design and drawings. Upon payment in full, these things become owned wholly by you, the client. Final deliverables will not be released until full payment has been received..
  • What are other included to your design?
    Our services include – Appointment and agree client brief – Sketch drawings – Planning application drawings – Building regulation drawings – Construction drawings If you would like to discuss further, please call our office or email us at
  • What's the difference between full service Interior Design, Decoration and Styling service?"
    The main difference between these services is for us the Full Service Interior Design, it includes customization. If you want built-in cabinets, additional lights and electrical outlets, your project automatically falls under this type. We need to provide technical plans for lighting and convenience outlets for the contractor to follow, and working drawings for customized furniture and storage units for furniture makers. For our Interior Styling Service, we won't be providing technical plans and working drawings anymore because we'll mainly be doing on-the-surface work: furnishing your space with off-the-rack furniture and décor. Still confused on which one to get? Check our blog post here to give you more details. ​ Obtaining actual prices/quotations of goods and services from suppliers is also not included in consultation service, but we can provide ballpark figures and supplier leads to give you an idea.
  • is there any additional charges?
    In principle, especially for new clients & site visit outside Metro Manila, we charged Php 1,000 (exclusive of toll fees and other charges), but deductible once the project is approved. ​ As of JUNE 2020 and barring uncontrollable situation please be reminded that we are not accepting any site visit outside Metro Manila since there is restrictions on intercity or interstate travel. Still, we are accepting online consultation and you can book us here. We are a paperless office and have considerable experience with our team working remotely. We are confident that we can provide the same quality of work and customer service.
  • Do you customized furnitures?
    We only design custom furniture and look for furniture makers to fabricate them when a project calls for it. Aside from design supervision, we can also guide clients in the selection of necessary contractors and suppliers to execute our design, so no need to worry if you don't know any contractor or suppliers. ​ Please note that there will be some add-ons for material sourcing or in-person design meeting. This service can be a separate or an integral part of a design package. DSTUDIO Interior Design has access to a wide array of products from wholesale vendors. Our prices are very competitive.
  • How does it work?
    A FRIENDLY CONVERSATION First is a chat in office, virtually or in your home, where we will get to know your tastes, initial ideas and lifestyle demands. ​ ​ DESIGNING YOUR SPACE Together, we will co-create your design, often incorporating your existing furniture. It can be optimizing a single design, advice on piecing elements together or a comprehensive home design – it’s entirely up to you. ​ ​ FROM VISION TO REALITY Your design will match your budget and lifestyle, while reflecting your unique personality. Once you are 100% happy, we then bring it to life, with as much or as little help as you need.
  • 3d Rendering, Visualization how does it work?"
    A typical project goes as follows. You provide us with plans, desired materials, and furnishings, etc. We confirm your project’s camera angle(s) either through clay renders or 2D markups We create a draft based on the plans and other information provided We provide three rounds of revisions We send the final high-resolution image
  • Do you need Architectural plans?
    No. However, Architectural plans are ideal but not required. We can work off sketches/drawings or reference photos with some basic dimensions. However, without CAD plans, we cannot be as accurate. With architectural rendering, there is no guarantee of total accuracy. However, when we have plans, we import them into the software we use and can match the plans as precisely as possible.
  • How much does it cost?
    We’ve created a comprehensive design packages for our clients. Additionally, we’re always available to provide you with a quote. Fill out one of our contact forms with some information about your upcoming project, and we will get back to you ASAP.
  • Is there any options for rendering
    Camera angle If you can provide us with an example of a photo or rendering that you like, in most cases, we can match it. Alternatively, if you make a markup of a camera angle on the architectural plans, we can base the renderings off of that. Time of day and lighting If you let us know in advance, we can usually match time-of-day lighting and interior and/or exterior lighting. Furnishings and fixtures At no extra cost, we can match most interior design styles. However, if you have custom furnishings and fixtures, we can custom create anything needed.
  • What is your tunraround time?
    Barring uncontrollable factors such as time spent in waiting for feedback, and changes in design. It depends also in many factors – the number of views, complexity, details, etc. Full cooperation and engagement of clients, especially on-time and highly efficient feedback, are needed in the process. To learn how much time your project will take exactly, please contact us through the website and send a brief.
    MORE CONTROL Easily manage payments on individual products or your project as a whole. Instantly create personalized client proposals, controlling what information you share. Work with the freedom to collaborate with anyone, anytime, anywhere. MORE TIME Turn your inspiration into orders within minutes .One platform for managing all your sourcing, communications and orders. Source products from thousands of suppliers, from various places MAKE IT information that automatically updates as you work, ensuring you always have the facts. Source from the world’s largest product library, with all the right details on hand.
  • Interior Design
    1. This is the phase where we sit down and talk about what you want to create. 2. We’ll come back to you with a game plan, complete with sketches, swatches, renders, furniture layouts, and all that good stuff so you can get an idea of what we have in mind for your space. 3. This is when the shopping and shipping happens. We will coordinate with suppliers and schedule of deliveries 4. The painting, wallpapering, flooring installation, and the like happens during this phase. We’ll keep everything on track and manage any necessary subcontractors 5. From interpreting construction documents to making final materials choices, we’ll ensure that your project stays on schedule, on budget, and keeps with your vision. 6. We know you want us in and out of your home as quickly as possible, so that you can enjoy your stunning new space.
  • Full Design
    Design PH 1 - Every story begins with a moment. These moments become part of the fabric that sow the seeds of our first design creation. We understand the clients mind and take every design idea on a meaningful path and give it a logical beginning.​schematic. Design PH 2 - Now that we have an idea of what you think about the basic direction of the design, it’s time to add some details. We’ll take your feedback and come back to you with revised, more detailed drawings that we’ll review together, in person. Alignment - During this phase, we’ll create floor plans, 3D renderings, and a narrative that outline the scope and details of your project. We’ll also assist with contractor selection by detailing what items need to be included in estimates, so that you can compare estimates fairly. Styling - The painting, wallpapering, flooring installation, and the like happens during this phase. We’ll keep everything on track and manage any necessary subcontractors. Deliver - The execution stage is the central element and we ensure the design integrity is maintained and provide a smooth and efficient progression through all stages. Handover of every site is done after minute observation several checks ensuring the satisfaction of the client. Project Execution construction documents Now that you have estimates from all necessary parties and more detailed pricing information, we’ll work together to create a final design that works with your budget and your wish list. Once the design is finalized, we’ll get to work creating and procuring any necessary documents and permits in accordance with area building codes and zoning ordinances. project management We'll be your project manager, coordinating with contractors and subcontractors and keeping everything on track until your project is completed. From interpreting construction documents to making final materials choices, we’ll ensure that your project stays on schedule, on budget, and keeps with your vision.
    Designers then work with the completed space, adding furniture and decor to meet the original design goals. Commercial interior design can create visually interesting spaces that follow a specific theme or bring an interesting twist to an otherwise unremarkable space. Good commercial interiors may go largely unnoticed by most, but they can have a significant impact by not only adding value to a business by adding value to the building in which it resides but also improving the space for those who spend time in it.
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